Skip Bin Hire Melbourne


B&R BIN HIRE provides excellent skip bin hire services. Located in South East Melbourne, our company specialises in bin hire for ALL rubbish removal. Servicing Residential, Landscapers, Industrial and Commercial. We also offer other services such as site-cleanup and concrete removal. Our aim is to provide friendly and efficient service at a very competitive price!


At some point in life, we are certain to replace or dispose of old lounge or bedroom suite, broken refrigerator or large materials from a home renovations. Removing these items can sometimes be a headache. Save the hassle of hiring a truck or trailer, making several trips to the tip and disposing of the waste. It is highly recommended for you to hire a skip bin and let us do it for you !!!


Exceptional and Friendly Services 

We Provide Reliable Bin Hire Services

Here at B&R BIN HIRE, we have everything that is required to provide our customers with fully reliable skip bin hire services. We have 2 decades of experience in the excavation industry, fully insured and will organise Council Permit for any bins that are required roads or nature strip on your behalf. 

We have our own Recycling Yard with various machinery to properly sort and responsibly dispose of rubbish.  We are the bin hire company you are looking for to dispose of all your rubbish immediately!

Bin Hire Services And More ....


Our services at B&R BIN HIRE are not limited to skip bin hire. We also offer our 4 tonne Komatsu excavator for hire. Not to worry !!!  our machinery comes with a professional operator to assist with concrete and rubbish removal. Moreover, our team of experts undertakes outstanding site clean-ups and uses convenient equipment like shaker buckets to remove dirt from bricks and separate rocks from dirt.

We have thumbs available to pick up large concrete, metal and branches without completely dirtying your hands as well.

We'll Help You Remove Your Wastes Without Headache

Why Choose Us

  • High quality services
  • Affordable prices
  • Services available to residential as well as commercial customers
  • Friendly customer service
  • Reliable and efficient

We have all you need to clean your place properly.