Located in Melbourne, B&R BIN HIRE is the company to trust for outstanding skip bin hire services. Our business is complete with equipments required for effective waste removal.

You have decided to go for a home makeover and there's so much you are throwing away. Your old television, used mattress, old computer, refrigerator and other household items are all going to the landfill.

Let Us Collect Your Hard Waste Pile Ups

It is not simple to dispose of hard waste. Here at B&R BIN HIRE, we have all the necessary equipment, vehicles and machinery to get rid of them promptly and professionally.

To save time it is recommended to stack your wastes in different piles. For instance, putting your old mattresses separately from your old computer and television will help us do our job more quickly and even more efficiently.

We Clean Commercial Areas Too

As we are experts in what we do, we undertake garbage removal not only in residential but also in commercial areas. Our goal is to enable you to live in a clean environment, whether at work or at home.

Effective and Efficient Hard Waste Collection

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality machinery (4 tonne Komatsu Excavator)
  • Site clean-up
  • Rent our machines with operator 

For outstanding waste collection services: