Party Bin Hire Melbourne




 NEW product !!!!...... Party Bin Hire to suit your events.

Hosting a party from Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter Weekends to small gatherings?

Are you sick of bags lying around waiting for the next council bin collection?

Don't want the hassle of getting rid of rubbish? Let us deal with it for you!!!



We can have your bin dropped off on a Friday and collected on a Monday for an affordable price...


Bin sizes available:       

  •                   660L
  •                 240L




We are a BIN HIRE company and supply both SKIP & PARTY bins, located in Cranbourne Southeast. We have very competitive price and will find
satisfaction with our service.

OUR PARTY BINS ARE VERY POPULAR WITH OUR CLIENTS !!!  ..... though not ALL for party reasons.....which to be honest, were initially only for PARTY SOLUTION.
Nonetheless, it's always a pleasure to assist our clients and offer a more suitable bin for each unique situations. It's also rewarding to hear positive feedback with our service and products. Not only they save paying hundreds of dollars in hiring a SKIP BIN when unnecessary, but these bins are much cheaper, AND on wheels !!!
Never have the hassle dragging rubbish outside, just wheel your bin around with you


FYI .. Our party bins are NOT limited to events or occasions. These can be use for small amount of light rubbish, whether it would be garden trimmings, excess cartons
from start/end lease and many more! We have had clients use our 660L bins for many different situations.

Give us a call to book yours .........