Hire A Skip Bin For Effective Clean-Up

Located in South East Suburbs, our company B&R BIN HIRE provides reliable skip bin hire services. Our team members also undertake concrete and rubbish removal as well as site clean-ups.

If you have just completed some renovation works at home, your place is most probably still in a messy state. Pieces of wires as well as other materials can still be seen around the house. We will offer you the solution to get rid of those unwanted items.

Effective Waste Removal

Here at B&R BIN HIRE, we know that renovation works cause lots of mess. That is why we make it a must to help you in the best possible way. Our company provides skip bins for hire so that you can dispose of your wastes and other heavy materials like concrete and metal items in one go. With our skip bins, you'll get rid of your wastes in no time.

Affordable Skip Bin Hire

Here at B&R BIN HIRE, we provide cheap skip bin hire for your convenience. Waste removal is essential for a healthy environment, that's why we facilitate your clean-up by offering you the right tools at the lowest cost.

Skip Bin Hire—Making Clean-Up Simpler

Other Machinery And Equipment We Rent

  • Excavator
  • Shaker Buckets
  • Thumb gloves

Our equipment will help you dispose of your waste material rapidly. Contact us today!

Trust our company, B&R BIN HIRE, for services to remove concrete, trees, bricks, soil, and excavation works. We operate in South East Suburbs, but also provide our services to residents of Narre Warren,  and within 60kms radius of Cranbourne

Not only does it smell bad, but a bin full of rubbish does not give an aesthetic look to your home and garden. It is, therefore, best to go for regular rubbish removals and get rid of unwanted clutter.

We Remove Garbage Efficiently

At B&R BIN HIRE, we never flinch at smell of rubbish. Our team members always remain professional in what they do and are committed to giving you only the best of services.

Thanks to our high quality machinery and equipment like the 4 tonne Komatsu excavator and the shaker bucket, we remove all types of wastes. That includes rubbish from your daily consumptions or other types of hard waste like refrigerators, computers and mattresses.

Hire A Skip Bin For Clean-Up

You will surely prefer the idea of hiring a skip bin. This way, you'll be able to take all your time to clean your place and load the waste in the bin. We offer 3 day bin hire, however, we are very flexible should you require extra days.

Our business rents out skip bins for the convenience of all our customers. And let's not forget that all of our services are offered at competitive rates. Contact us for reliable and low cost bin hire!

Effective and Convenient Rubbish Removal Services

Other Services We Provide

  • Site Clean-Up
  • Concrete Removal
  • Excavation Work

There's no need to think twice before hiring our services. Choose the service that suits you most.

You can always count on B&R BIN HIRE for your waste removal requirements in Melbourne. Our prices for skip bin hire are very affordable.

You've just completed the construction of your home. However, all the concrete, metal and other remaining materials are still lying here and there? If you are looking for a means to get rid of them, our team has the perfect solution for you.

Skip Bins: Your Waste Removal Solution

Here at B&R BIN HIRE, we offer effective waste removal solutions. Our business rents out skip bins to enable you load all your waste in a single container. What sets our company apart is the cheap cost of our skip bin hire services. Waste Removal is essential for healthy living so we do our best so that everyone can afford to hire our skip bins, irrespective of their budget.

We Provide Excellent Excavation Services

For sure, a skip bin is enough to dispose of the waste in your garden. Removing trash from a commercial area is a totally different story, though. Other services are required to dispose of all the tonnes of rubbish. That is why our company provides professional excavation services for very large properties and commercial areas. To ensure top quality work, we are equipped with a 4 tonne Komatsu excavator.

We Make Cleaning Easy

Some Of The Areas We Serve

  • Cranbourne
  • Narre Warren
  • Dandenong
  • Pakenham

Let us help you clean up.